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Issue 172: August 2017

2017 League Annual Conference Recap

Thank you to all the attendees and sponsors for making the 2017 Annual Conference in Oro Valley a success! Please take a moment to fill out the conference survey and take a look at the photos from last week’s event.

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League Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to those who received the 2017 League Service Award at the League Annual Conference in Oro Valley!

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New League Executive Committee

New members of the League Executive Committee and officers were selected by members at the annual conference last week in Oro Valley.

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League Legislative Award Recipients

The League honored several legislators during the Thursday Legislative and Service Award Luncheon at the League Annual Conference for their outstanding public service and dedication to local governance.

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Save the Date: Arizona Cities and Towns Week!

Save the date! The League’s 16th Annual Cities and Towns Week will be October 15 – 21, 2017. Arizona Cities and Towns Week is set aside each year to provide citizens with important information about the services and programs provided by their city/town, and to introduce the employees that deliver them.

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Small Cell Overview

On March 31, 2017, Arizona became the first state to adopt wireless industry-supported legislation granting right of way access to wireless providers to deploy technology known as small cell. of lead in water service lines and provide practical solutions for cities to use.

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America’s Water Infrastructure Continues to Receive Failing Grades 

The definitive report on U.S. infrastructure illustrates the deep challenges the nation faces in Insert text after received article.

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Summary of Brnovich v. City of Tucson

This month’s Legal Corner article summarizes the recent decision of the Arizona Supreme Court regarding Senate Bill 1487.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

The League has a variety of opportunities, trainings and upcoming events that may be of interest in the coming months.

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City & Town Throwback

What were cities and towns celebrating this time last year? Five years ago? 50 years ago? Take a look into the past at some of our city and town stories from years gone by in the City & Town Throwback!

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