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Issue 176: December 2017

Happy New Year

The League would like to wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018!

2018 Legislative Posters and Calendars

The 2018 calendars and legislative posters have been sent to all cities and towns. Included in the legislative posters are pictures and e-mail addresses of all legislators for your reference. To obtain additional copies of the calendar or legislative poster, please contact the League at 602-258-5786.

At the Capitol

The 2018 legislative session is rapidly approaching. Throughout the session, the League offers a full suite of services and publications to help Arizona cities and towns communicate more effectively with their legislative delegation and monitor issues that affect Arizona communities.

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Upcoming League Trainings

The League will be kicking off the New Year with several trainings on a variety of topics. The League’s legislative staff will provide a training on the Arizona State Legislature in January. In February, the League will once again present a grants training and will also provide a primer on developing and understanding municipal budgets.

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League Publications: Local Government Directory

Did you know the League has several publications available to its members? Many resources can be found through the League website. One publication is the Local Government Directory.

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ULI Trends Day

Join ULI Arizona for the 13th Annual Trends Day! Trends Day is a one-day deep dive discussing the most current state and national real estate trends with a focus on what to expect in the future, where the best opportunities can be found, and how these components affect both public and private sector partners.

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Legal Corner: Quroum Call

This month’s Legal Corner discusses the topic of quorums. A quorum is necessary for most public bodies to conduct business and is defined in state law as a majority of the elected or appointed members of the public body, unless another number is designated in the public body’s bylaws, charter, or code.

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League City and Town News

Each day, League staff posts city and town news from around the state on the homepage. We do our best to find articles in local newspapers that highlight municipalities.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

The League has a variety of opportunities, trainings and upcoming events that may be of interest in the coming months.

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City & Town Throwback

What were cities and towns celebrating this time last year? Five years ago? 50 years ago? Take a look into the past at some of our city and town stories from years gone by in the City & Town Throwback!

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