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Issue 307: July 2021

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What Drives You as a Person, an Elected Official, a Manager and Employee? Are you ready to find out?

We do not mean money, fortune, or fame, but how you like to do business, how you are as an employee and as leader. According to a recent study from Cornell University, “Having a high level of self-awareness was the strongest predictor of overall success in leadership.”

Join Lindsay Perez, Ph.D. of the HumanLytics Team, in this fun and interactive session that utilizes Predictive Index to maximize self-awareness, which increases your communication, coaching, conflict resolution and influencing skills. You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll receive after taking a brief, no questions asked, 6-minute survey.

The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment tool utilized by more than 8,000 employees worldwide to measure the motivating needs of managers, employees, and prospective employees. The tool, consisting of 2 simple questions, is a fun and valuable employee and team development tool.

Regardless if you are an elected official, city or town employee or manager, you won’t want to miss this fun and interactive session!

When: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Location: 2021 League Annual Conference
Time: 1:30 P.M

Speaker: Lindsay Perez, Ph.D. of the HumanLytics Team
Event Cost: $40
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Email us at or call 602-258-5786.

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