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Issue 301: January 2021

Arizona Growing Water Smart

The impacts of a hotter and drier climate in Arizona have created significant uncertainty about water availability in the coming decades. Falling levels in the Colorado River reservoirs and groundwater overdraft conditions present challenges to balancing water needs with available water supplies requiring local jurisdictions to reevaluate water issues and to assume new leadership roles.

City and town officials, water providers and planners can increase sustainability and create water smart communities even as populations grow. The right tools, knowledge and plans make a big difference.

The Growing Water Smart program introduces communities to the full range of communications, public engagement, planning, and policy implementation tools to realize their watershed health and community resiliency goals.

Through Growing Water Smart, Arizona communities can learn how they can integrate land use and water planning.

Participants in this program will gain:

  • Insight. A better understanding of how land use and climatic trends impact water supply and demand at local, state, and basin levels.
  • Flexibility. The strategies and tools to integrate water and land use planning to better adapt to change and uncertainty.
  • Engagement. Decision makers from multiple disciplines, departments, agencies, and organizations commit to common goals around water.
  • Clarity. Clear and concise language to communicate critical community goals around water to gain community and decision maker support.
  • Collaboration. Regional professional relationships with peers.
  • A path forward. An action plan tailored to your community‚Äôs needs.

Download the PDF and follow the instructions to apply.

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