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Issue 311: November 2021

State Offers Lifeline to Struggling Arizona Homeowners

New Homeowner Assistance Fund aims to keep low-income homeowners in their homes.

On November 1, 2021, the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) announced $197 Million in funding is available to Arizona low-income homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage and other home-related expenses. The funding, from the state’s Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF), is available for immediate distribution on behalf of all eligible homeowners.

“This is direct and immediate aid,” ADOH Director Tom Simplot said. “If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, we can send funds directly to your home loan servicer to bring you current.”

The $197 Million to create the HAF comes to Arizona from the U.S. Treasury as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. HAF provides assistance for Arizona low-income homeowners who have experienced financial hardship related to COVID-19 after January 21, 2020. The assistance is intended to prevent foreclosure but helps with more than just mortgage payments.

“Besides your mortgage, HAF will also pay past due utilities and internet services, property taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and more,” Simplot said. “The funds are available and ready to be distributed, all homeowners need do is apply and show the need, and we’ll make payments quickly.”

Homeowners can find out if they’re income eligible for HAF assistance and apply online at and most can fill out the application on their own. Housing counselors contracted by ADOH will work with homeowners who need special assistance to ensure applications are submitted accurately.

“This program is a true difference-maker for vulnerable homeowners in Arizona who‘ve been hit hard by COVID, it gives hope,” Simplot said. If you’re battling to stay in your home, I urge you to check your eligibility and apply today so we can help keep you in it.”

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