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Issue 175: November 2017

2018 Municipal Policy Statement

The League’s 2018 Municipal Policy statement, comprised of the legislative policy positions and action items collaboratively chosen by Arizona’s 91 cities and towns, is now available.

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Arizona City Government 101: What Every Municipal Official Needs to Know

The League is once again offering a one-day course based on the League’s annual Newly Elected Officials Training. The course will cover the basics of serving as an elected official or staff in an Arizona city or town.

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NLC City Summit 2017

More than 90 Arizona local officials and guests joined nearly 4,000 local elected officials and delegates from around the country in Charlotte, N.C. for the 2017 City Summit hosted by The National League of Cities.

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League Publications – What All Local Elected Officials Need to Know

The League Publication, What All Local Elected Officials Need to Know, is an overview of the major functions of the job of a local elected official.

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Legal Corner: Q & A with ACAA President

This month, League General Counsel Christina Estes-Werther interviewed the Arizona City Attorney Association President and City of Prescott City Attorney John Paladini.

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Arizona City and Town Attorneys Receive International Awards

At the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) Annual Conference, two Arizona municipal attorneys received the Daniel J. Curtin Young Public Lawyer Award.

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League City and Town News

Each day, League staff posts city and town news from around the state on the homepage. We do our best to find articles in local newspapers that highlight municipalities.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

The League has a variety of opportunities, trainings and upcoming events that may be of interest in the coming months.

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City & Town Throwback

What were cities and towns celebrating this time last year? Five years ago? 50 years ago? Take a look into the past at some of our city and town stories from years gone by in the City & Town Throwback!

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