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Issue 197: September 2019

2019 Arizona Cities and Towns Week

The League's 18th annual Cities & Towns Week is coming up October 20 – 26, 2019. Arizona Cities and Towns Week is set aside each year to provide citizens with important information about the servicesand programs provided by their city/town, and to introduce the employees that deliver them.

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2020 League Resolutions Summary Chart

Each year a set of legislative resolutions is adopted which set forth the League’s agenda for the following year’s legislative session. These policy initiatives are first vetted by the League’s policy area committees and then discussed and moved by the full Resolutions Committee during the League Annual Conference.

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Local Government 101

This training is a one-day course based on the League's annual Newly Elected Officials Training. This course will cover the basics of serving as an elected official or staff in an Arizona city or town. The training will take place December 6th in Phoenix.

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NLC City Summit 2019

The NLC City Summit will be held in San Antonio in November. There is still time to register! The League will also once again be hosting an Arizona reception at the summit.

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Public Agency Educational Benefits Working Group

Achieve60AZ wants to research, partner and support the implementation of employee-employer agreements, in which city and county employers actively use tuition reimbursement to engage employees in earning their credentials. This article is from Achieve60AZ.

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Legal Corner – Ransomware Attacks: What You Need To Know

Ransomware is becoming more prevalent and often governments are a primary target due to less preparation and technical vulnerabilities because computer systems may not be updated with the latest security measures. While no city or town can safeguard against all attacks, it is important to have a plan in place if your municipality is affected by a cyber-attack.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

Below is a list of training opportunities that may be of interest in the coming months.

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City & Town Throwback

What were cities and towns celebrating this time last year? 30 years ago? Take a look into the past at some of our city and town stories from years gone by in the City & Town Throwback!

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