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Issue 174: October 2017

2017 Cities and Towns Week

Thank you to all of the municipalities that celebrated in the 16th Annual Arizona Cities and Towns Week!

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Arizona City Government 101: What Every Municipal Official Needs to Know

The League is once again offering a one-day course based on the League’s annual Newly Elected Officials Training. The course will cover the basics of serving as an elected official or staff in an Arizona city or town.

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Arizona Reception at NLC City Summit

If you are attending the NLC City Summit, we hope you will be able to join the League for our special state-specific reception.

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League Publications – You as a Public Official

As an elected official, you will need to know and understand the various Arizona laws that apply to your conduct in office and how to comply with them. The League provides You as a Public Official and many other publications as resources for its members.

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League City and Town News

Each day, League staff posts city and town news from around the state on the homepage. We do our best to find articles in local newspapers that highlight municipalities.

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Legal Corner

This month’s Legal Corner reviews U.S. Supreme Court case Gill v. Whitford, a significant case that may determine whether it is possible to bring a claim that partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional.

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Upcoming Trainings and Events

The League has a variety of opportunities, trainings and upcoming events that may be of interest in the coming months.

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City & Town Throwback

What were cities and towns celebrating this time last year? Five years ago? 50 years ago? Take a look into the past at some of our city and town stories from years gone by in the City & Town Throwback!

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