The League of Arizona Cities and Towns OPPOSES SB1487

SB1487: state law; local violations; penalties

SB1487 is a direct attack on cities and towns, in which one Legislator can order the Attorney General to investigate a potential violation of state law.

SB1487 denies a city or town due process; they are presumed guilty and punished upon the finding of one individual, without the involvement of a court of law.

If the Attorney General determines that a city or town is in violation of a state law, shared revenue would be withheld.

The elimination of shared revenue - even if only for a short amount of time - cripples a city or town. Shared revenue represents an average of 40% of a city's general fund and is used to fund critical city services.

City and towns officials are not in the business of violating state laws. They too take an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the State of Arizona, just as Legislators do.

When there are disagreements about interpretation of the Constitution or state law, those matters should be decided in court and not at the Legislature.

There are more appropriate and productive ways to resolve legal disputes over whether matters are of local or statewide concern.

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns - representing all 91 cities and towns in Arizona - asks that you vote NO on SB1487.